Destined 4 Greatness

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D4G Creative Arts Programs

Destined 4 greatness now offers AMAZING creative arts programs including dance, theater, and visual art. These programs are independent from our child care program.


This program introduces children to the joys of dance while helping them develop a lifelong appreciation of music and creative expression. Our program promotes self-esteem, grace, and good physical and emotional health. Open to all children in the community ages 3 - 17, our age-appropriate instruction levels and small class sizes ensure that children experience a positive, supportive, introduction to classic ballet, modern, and hip hop dance.

Theater Program

D4G welcomes students ages 3-17 to experience classes in improv, acting, writing, clowning, musicals and more. Learn performance concepts and skills that can be adapted to every day life such as "active listening, team building, thinking quickly, brainstorming, social integration, empathy and more."

Visual Arts Program

If you suspect your little one is a budding Picasso - or simply enjoys putting creativity to use then this program is for you! Children ages 6-17 will have a chance to create with a professional artist!